“Behind the Scenes of Katy Perry’s Heartbreak: Finding Comfort in a Backing Dancer”

According to a source, Katy Perry is finding solace in the company of her backing dancer, Malik Le Nost, following the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand. Although skeptics may question their closeness, the insider insists that they are just friends and nothing more. Many celebrities have had close friendships with their dancers in the past, such as J-Lo, Madonna, and Mel B. During the Asia leg of Katy’s California Dreams tour, the pair were seen having heart-to-heart conversations, and they have arranged to meet up again in LA after the tour concludes. Katy has always been close with her band and backing dancers, forming strong bonds with them during her tours.

The rumor mill is buzzing with speculation about the relationship between Katy and Malik. Despite insisting that they are just friends, their closeness has not gone unnoticed by those around them. They spent a lot of time together during Katy’s trip to Jakarta and Manila, often staying up late chatting and drinking in the hotel bar. When performing on stage together, it was clear that Katy only had eyes for Malik. During sound check, the pair were giggling and joking around as if they were a couple. Malik would shoot Katy cheeky winks and shower her with hugs, which she seemed to love. Although nothing physical has happened between them yet, their behavior has set tongues wagging. Malik has even given Katy a nickname – Messhy – which means messy in Japanese. Only time will tell what happens between these two in La La Land. In other news, a friend of mine saw Russell in LA this week, and he looked pale, gaunt, and dreadful, indicating that he may be going through a tough time after his split from Katy.

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